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Gene age shapes the transcriptional landscape of sexual morphogenesis in mushroom forming fungi (Agaricomycetes)
Z Merényi, M Virágh, E Gluck-Thaler, JC Slot, B Kiss, T Varga, A Geösel, B Hegedüs, B Bálint, LG Nagy
eLife 11:e71348 (2022)

Giant Starship elements mobilize accessory genes in fungal genomes
E Gluck-Thaler, T Ralston, Z Konkel, CG Ocampos, VD Ganeshan, AE Dorrance, TL Niblack, CW Wood, JC Slot, HD Lopez-Nicora, AA Vogan
bioRxiv (2021)

The Canadian Fungal Research Network: current challenges and future opportunities
LC Horianopoulos*, E Gluck-Thaler*, I Benoit Gelber, LE Cowen, J Geddes-McAlister, CR Landry, IS Schwartz, JA Scott, A Sellam, DC Sheppard, T Spribille, R Subramaniam, AK Walker, SD Harris, RS Shapiro, AC Gerstein
Canadian Journal of Microbiology 67.1 (2021)

Repeated gain and loss of a single gene modulates the evolution of vascular plant pathogen lifestyles
E Gluck-Thaler*, A Cerutti*, AL Perez-Quintero*, J Butchacas, V Roman-Reyna, V Narayanan Madhavan, D Shantharaj, MV Merfa, C Pesce, A Jauneau, T Vancheva, JM Lang, C Allen, V Verdier, L Gagnevin, B Szurek, GT Beckham, L De La Fuente, H Kumar Patel, RV Sonti, C Bragard, JE Leach, LD Noël, JC Slot, R Koebnik, JM Jacobs
Science Advances 6.46 (2020)
Featured in a Trends in Plant Science Spotlight by Redkar et al (2021)
Poster Award winner at the 18th Congress of the International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2019)

The Architecture of Metabolism Maximizes Biosynthetic Diversity in the Largest Class of Fungi
E Gluck-Thaler, S Haridas, M Binder, IV Grigoriev, PW Crous, JW Spatafora, K Bushley, JC Slot
Molecular Biology and Evolution 37 (2020)
Awarded Outstanding Poster in the Genomics Theme at the 11th International Mycological Congress (2018)

Metabolic gene clusters, fungal diversity, and the generation of accessory functions
JC Slot, E Gluck-Thaler
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 58-59 (2019)

Psychoactive plant- and mushroom-associated alkaloids from two behavior modifying cicada pathogens
GR Boyce, E Gluck-Thaler, JC Slot, JE Stajich, WJ Davis, TY James, JR Cooley, DG Panaccione, J Eilenberg, HH De Fine Licht, AM Macias, MC Berger, KL Wickert, CM Stauder, EJ Spahr, MD Maust, AM Metheny, C Simon, G Kritsky, KT Hodge, RA Humber, T Gullion, DPG Short, T Kijimoto, D Mozgai, N Arguedas, MT Kasson
Fungal Ecology 41 (2019)
Featured by Ed Yong in The Atlantic and in Merlin Sheldrake’s “Entangled Life”

Whole-Genome Sequence of the Phlox Powdery Mildew Pathogen Golovinomyces magnicellulatus Strain FPH2017-1
C Farinas, E Gluck-Thaler, JC Slot, FP Hand
Microbiology Resource Announcements 8 (2019)

Fungal adaptation to plant defences through convergent assembly of metabolic modules
E Gluck‐Thaler*, V Vijayakumar*, JC Slot
Molecular Ecology 27 (2018)

Specialized plant biochemistry drives gene clustering in fungi
E Gluck-Thaler, JC Slot
The ISME Journal 12 (2018)
Awarded Best Graduate Poster Presentation at the 84th meeting of the Mycological Society of America (2016)

Horizontal gene cluster transfer increased hallucinogenic mushroom diversity
HT Reynolds*, V Vijayakumar*, E Gluck‐Thaler*, HB Korotkin, PB Matheny, JC Slot
Evolution Letters 2.2 (2018)
Featured by Ed Yong in The Atlantic and in Merlin Sheldrake’s “Entangled Life”

Genes of the de novo and Salvage Biosynthesis Pathways of Vitamin B6 are Regulated under Oxidative Stress in the Plant Pathogen Rhizoctonia solani
J Samsatly, R Chamoun, E Gluck-Thaler, S Jabaji
Frontiers in Microbiology 6 (2016)

Dimensions of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Eukaryotic Microbial Pathogens
E Gluck-Thaler, JC Slot
PLoS Pathogens 11 (2015)