Mentorship and service

I believe that anyone can be a successful scientist, irrespective of background or identity. I have worked as a career coach through the ScholarMatch program, whose mission is to support first-generation college students to earn a bachelor’s degree. I have also worked as a mentor with the University of Pittsburgh’s Gene Team outreach summer program for high school students, and as a mentor in the University of Pennsylvania’s FERBS program whose goal is to support students from underrepresented groups transition into undergraduate biology programs.

I am committed to building community and breaking down barriers that stand in the way of scientific collaboration. I am a founding member of the Canadian Fungal Network, an organization whose aim is to strengthen fungal research in Canada by facilitating dialogue among scientists within Canada and abroad. Over the past three years, I’ve helped organize our annual conference, most significantly as Chair in 2021. The CanFunNet Fungal Biology conference has provided hundreds of trainees with new opportunities to present their work and build their professional networks. As Chair or co-Chair of the Scientific Program at each of the three conferences, I worked with my team to prioritize equitable representation from traditionally marginalized communities. You can read more about the CanFunNet initiative here, and check out the 2021 conference program here and the 2022 conference website here.